Currently my favorite beauty products

I’m not a make-up person, but these products are my favorite when I have some important things to attend to outside. Sometimes I even wear them while at home doing the regular chores. I happen to get this tip (wearing some make-up at home from a dear friend). While wearing make-up enhances your look, it also boosts your self self-esteem. By beautifying and making yourself presentable is also a big factor to improve your relationship with your husband. :)

BB cream. Hubby got them for me.

BB cream. Hubby got them for me.

I apply these lippies lightly because I'm not used to dark lipstick.

I apply these lippies lightly because I’m not used to dark lipstick.

I don’t have a before and after photo sorry to disappoint you, it’s enough that I post the pictures of the products that makes me feel good at the moment.

Got to find the perfect swimwear

“Got to hit the beach,” so says the lady traveler. But, did she bring the “right” swimwear to the beach? It could be one of the expensive or colorful swimwear in your favorite department store, but does it fit? Not all women know their body type, so more or less, they end up wearing inappropriate…

A Gown or a Cocktail Dress for Prom Night

Once news about prom is announced, the first thing that teenage girls think about is what they are going to wear. The endless search for the perfect gown or dress will start and just about everyone is concerned that they should not have the same dress as another person. One of the dilemmas that people…

Relaxation essentials

There are few things that you need in order to achieve that relaxing feeling while you are at the comfort of your home. Light up scented candles while you are taking a bath. It will definitely set the mood. Some look for archipelago candles for long-lasting scented candles. Having air fresheners at home can also…

Tips for moms: Making the most of coupons

Things can be very expensive, but luckily for house moms there are coupons out there to save the day. Ok, to make the most out of your coupon you need to collect a lot of them, that is before using a coupon get a couple more if possible. In this way you can get massive…