Looking for exceptional musical instrument

This site talks about fab finds and best deals around, which include clothes, shoes, lingerie and even exceptional acoustic guitar if you are musically inclined.

Lately, I’m looking for online guitar for sale at musician’sfriend.com. I want it for myself as I’m thinking of learning how to play a guitar one of these days. The kids might be interested to learn, too. I’m looking for a smaller one that I could easily grab wherever I go.

Where to buy wedding accessories

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for everything that you need on your wedding day, I would recommend Divisoria in Manila as the place to visit. There are several stores in Divisoria that sells everything from premade wedding gowns, Wedding Garter Sets, to give-away items. You just have to make a list of…

Comfy travel flats

My daughter and I got a pair of Happy feet travel flats two weeks ago. We purchased these comfy shoes using gift certificates. These pairs of shoes alone cost P3,598 if purchased in cash. Good thing we have GCs on hand. Dad and Kyle got their own pair of  cool shoes, too. Will post the…

You know you’re a mom when…

I saw this picture on Facebook, and yes, it tells a lot about us being moms. Don’t you agree? Photo not mine.

Baking and cooking essential

My kids say they wish I could bake so I can make them delicious cakes and cookies. As much as I wanted to bake, I don’t have an oven or a cooking range and other stuff necessary for baking. I may have a mixer and a mixer lift at home, but that’s all I have….

Getting ready for a new school year

Most moms that I know are getting ready for the opening of classes this month. They have already bought new bags and shoes for their young ones. Some are readying up the school uniforms checking if they still fit or need minor repair. We, on the other hand, have yet to enroll our kids. We…

Chic outfit

The navy blue blazer worn by Duchess Kate (Middleton) is somewhat similar to the blazer I bought for my daughter. You can check my post here. I realized that this piece can also be worn with jeans (or skinny jeans) and platform shoes to give it a fashionable look. Photo credit: kirsty wigglesworth-AP