Monthly Archives: April 2011

Social Networking

A number of people associate social network with Facebook. Well, it’s understandable for it is the most popular today.. But do you know that there are other social network as popular as Facebook? Take for example the Plaxo a very popular social network among people who are over 65 years of age. While Facebook is more popular with women, Digg and reddit is known to be popular to men. There is also the linkedln which is popular among the rich and plurk which is the preferred network of well-educated people with graduate degrees.

Mommy, I’m here!

Anyone of you experienced while you were inside the mall with your kid roaming around when suddenly your kid is gone? You panicked and must have fainted for you do not know what to do.

Some parents, to avoid this thing to happen tie their kid so he/she won’t get far.

At this digital age, we don’t have to worry anymore especially that there are gadgets like the “Mommy I’m here”.It is an audible device that creates a sound when you press a button so you may know the exact location of your child in the event he/she will be out of your sight.

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