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Macau cheap tour package

Are you looking for cheap tour package in Macau for you and your family?

You can enjoy a 3-day and 2-night accommodation in Macau, China for only P19,996 or a whopping 51 percent off from the original price of P40,950. So cheap right?

Macau is one of the busiest tourist spots right now. You’ll surely enjoy not only the modern sites of the city, but also the historic and cultural sites of the region.

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See you in Macau! 🙂

Macau Sky

Picture taken from my other blog.

Satchel bag

I used to collect big yet functional bags. When I say big, it means roomy bags that can hold my stuff that I bring to work everyday such as notebook, documents (sometimes lots of it) recorder, and toiletries and sometimes snack when my assignment requires me to stay in a certain place the whole day. I need to munch on something to keep me going.

But, my preference or taste for bags has changed when I quit my job and became a full-time mom. Now, I prefer a bag that is not too big or too small to contain my stuff when I leave the house for an errand or important occasion.

I’m eying this satchel bag from frannie and vinnie. In fact, I’ve contacted Ms. Frances, the beauteous owner of locally-manufactured satchel bags about the price of the item. The handmade leather bags are actually gaining popularity as more fashionable and practical bloggers purchase one for themselves.

I’m thinking of saving up for the 11” or the 14” satchel bag for me and my daughter. What do you think? Is it practical to save up for something as beautiful as this bag? Tell me please. 🙂

 Photo credits: Frannie and Vinnie

New wardrobe for me

I’ve been searching for sites that sell simple yet affordable tops and jeans for days now. My wardrobe selection at present is something that I’m not comfortable to wear on important occasions. I’ve got a pair of dark-colored Capri but they can’t be worn even on semi-formal gatherings because the fabric has faded and no longer presentable to look at. I can only use them when I go to the market or do some errands at home.

My dilemma right now is that clothes that I saw online are too big or too small for me and often the designs are common. In my desperation to find clothes that fit my present size, I’m tempted to peek at expensive shops where there are several designs to choose from, but then again I can only browse the site as I don’t have the money to spend on branded clothes…sigh. Sometimes it’s easier to look for free dating online site than search for plus size clothing.