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What to Give Little Kids this Christmas

I can smell the cold gentle breeze signaling that Christmas cannot be far behind. A few weeks from now all hell will break lose in the malls and shopping centers where mums and dads will flock and elbow each other to get Christmas presents for their little ones. Knowing what their children might like, items like clothes, books and toys are at the top of their lists. Some kids might prefer latest gadgets and high-tech toys and some parents who do not have enough to get them wii sports resort to other alternatives that would certainly please the little recipients nonetheless.

Christmas shopping, here we come!

Green girl studios

All those girlie and colorful stuffs for girls are enough to make guys go green girl studios and shops mushroomed in the malls overnight that you end up with a whole lot of places to go for a wide array of choices for the girls and a not much exciting options for the guys. They would probably ask why girls get to have all the fun. Well, I don’t think it would hurt them much as they do not nearly frequent the malls and shops as much as we do, right? Plus they almost always find shopping so appealing. What they do is walk in on the shops, choose from the display and fit them, decide which ones to buy, which almost always is the first one they set their eyes onto, and go! They’re gone from the shop after 10 minutes of walking in so they won’t really appreciate and maximize all the amenities that are very appealing to girls.

Pre-Christmas Goodies

It’s not even Christmas yet but some good souls gave my husband these goodies for the little help that my husband extended to them. Thank you for these tokens lovely ladies (one was a former boss of mine).

We have a complete set of toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner and facial wash from Unilever.

This Careline set of beauty products came just when I needed a new lipstick and face powder. The feminine wash, body spray, and make-up set are added bonus.

Sweet-scented spray, deodorant and sunblock from Ever Bilena.