Monthly Archives: November 2011

Christmas sale

So many items to shop this Christmas, so little time and funds, too. 🙁

Some of my friends especially those who just received their 13th month bonus are into Mega shopping mode these days. They have money to spend for anything they need, but my friends are practical shoppers too. They run agog finding the best deals in town. Yes, they also look out for sales. They line up if need be to secure a nice spot before the department store opens for sale shoppers. I knew about their practices when it comes to shopping because I was once like them when I still have a regular day job. I don’t buy on impulse though, because I make sure that I have allotted for food and other necessities in the kitchen first. And during those days that my kids were a lot younger, I make sure I have purchased enough stock of diapers and milk before I bought something for myself or my husband.

I’m sure not all have completed their Christmas list yet, yes? If you are always online looking for discounts and coupons, you can bookmark this site to your list of favorite coupon sites.

Virtual shopping

I purchased these shirts and blouses from an online store last month. I was supposed to buy a birthday gift for hubby, but shopped for the whole family instead. I spent a total of $40 for all these items. I’m just thankful that an angel friend shared her blessings to us through her contact DAs. I wish there will be more generous advertisers to come our way. I don’t mind promoting gateway computers links on my site as long as they help potential clients get the latest gadget in town at affordable price.

Plan ahead

If some family members will have their birthday next month, you can still make reservations in your favorite restaurant this week. You can cook up something really special if you prepare and plan the details of the occasion. For example, if it’s your husband who is celebrating his birthday, you can invite his close friends or relatives whom he never seen in a while. This special treats for Dad’s birthday party will surely be a memorable one because it’s not just material gift that he is going to get but rekindle an old friendship. He will surely appreciate you going the extra mile to make his birthday special.