Monthly Archives: December 2011

2012 Trends

The adage that history repeats itself especially rings true in fashion. The trends just keep coming back and somehow have this uncanny way of reinventing themselves. Take the 60’s and 70’s fashion for example. Anyway, saying goodbye to 2011 does not mean you also have to throw your fashion finds in your bin. In more ways that one, some or most of what you’ve worn last year might just find its way to be trendy and hip again. Some fashion treasures worth keeping include:

1. The immortal little black dress
2. The funky and chunky fashion accessories
3. That trendy wide-leg pant
4. The big bag essential that never goes out of style

Finally, I guess whatever style 2012 gives birth to it is that confidence and being comfortable in your own skin that makes you beautiful and a stand out.

Shoe Trends 2011

2011 is almost over. Many new additions rocked the fashion industry and drove consumers crazy. Let us look back at the womens fashion shoes department for the last time, shall we?

Many ballet flats designs came out this year. Tory Burch was such a hit! Jeweled, glittery, patent and metallic flat shoes invaded stores as they are perfect for both office and after work affairs. Why not when they give your feet the comfort it needs after a hard day at work? Many also opt for the zebra print and crochet style.

Wedges and platforms also made shoe lovers gaga. The height of the heels and color combinations available gave girls quite a headache not to mention empty wallets. The chunkier the heels are, the more fashionable it get.

Boots are still considered a woman’s staple. Same is true for slippers. Ipanema’s collection proved to be a great buy and so is Fit Flops (which technology many companies have imitated). I’ll check out this lovely pair of Miz Mooz Amelia one of these days.

Now, let us look forward and see what will be IN for 2012.

Perennial flowers for you

Have you heard of perennial flowers or simply perennials? I think your wife or friends who love plants a lot would appreciate to have them as garden gifts from you. These flowering plants are said to survive for more than two years. When the flowers wither, only the tops die down, but their roots stay alive in a dormant state. So when spring arrives they spring back to life with a new growth and new season of flowers. I like Perennials (although I haven’t seen one yet) because they bloom over many seasons in their lifetime and they need a little care only the basics for good growth: a reasonable fertile soil, proper drainage, enough sun and water and a little attention from us. Isn’t it nice to have a garden filled with flowers all the time?