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Rags2Riches and Rajo Laurel Set 2012 Bag Collection

Social enterprise-fashion brand Rags2Riches (R2R) collaborates once again with top designer Rajo Laurel to launch its delightfully colourful summer bag collection, Athletenique at the Ayala Museum this month. This collection celebrates the philosophy of fitness is fashion, where athletic and ethnic influences collide to create an amalgamation of textures and colors perfect for the season.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces Made by Hand

“I am so excited for this collection! R2R is one of the most fulfilling and important endeavours that I’ve ever been involved in. The success of this project has truly been immeasurable. I have been involved with R2R from the very start and I am extremely proud to be part of where we are now,” Rajo shared.

R2R’s 2012 Spring Summer designer pieces by Rajo Laurel showcases the enduring craftsmanship of empowered artisans from community-based enterprises across the country whose hands meticulously weave the fabrics for the entire collection.

Pierre Satchel showcases the classic basket weave that has become an R2R signature. Front and interior pockets add functionality to its playful shape. Adjustable leather straps and antique brass accents put the finishing touches to this iconic piece.

The Maia Clutch is the perfect, statement piece for galas and evening affairs. The diagonal pattern creatively juxtaposes the indigenous hand-woven kantarines fabric and kamagong bar accent.

Vela Tote mixes casual with chic, with canvas and leather accents merged with knitted cotton basket weave in the most delicious shades. Remo and Bali Totes depict seamless elegance with cotton wraparound shoulder straps, antique brass accents, cotton lining with interior zip, and wall and cell phone pockets. These functional features are set to make any fashionista reel with excitement.

Support for Eco-Ethical Style

R2R has noted an uptrend in demand for its exclusive line of eco-ethical bags, both in the Philippines and abroad. It unveiled plans to further boost growth by expanding its distribution to retailers in the Philippines. Through its enterprise, R2R seeks to continuously encourage potential partners in the retail industry to support its enduring philosophy of doing well by doing good. Presently, R2R’s industry partners include Firma, House of Laurel, Aranaz, Oliver Tolentino and Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts (Makati, Edsa, Mactan, Boracay).

R2R’s event was attended by an exclusive clique of fashion enthusiasts, advocates and partners. The opulent affair was made even more elegant by the art installation using wooden frames and scrap fabric by Filipino sculptor Leeroy New. Athletenique was presented by Metrobank Femme Visa, in cooperation with Ayala Museum and World Economic Forum Young Global Shapers.

About Rags2Riches

Rags2Riches was initially established as a social business enterprise that aims to uplift the lives of community artisans from Payatas in Quezon City. In 2007, R2R collaborated with top Filipino designer, Rajo Laurel, the first partner-designer of Rags2Riches. Now a global Filipino eco-ethical brand, R2R has improved the lives of over 400 community artisans. Its advocacy and exquisite collections have captured the attention of communities in the business and fashion industries all over the world. To know more about R2R’s products and social statement, log on to

Press Release

Considerations when buying clothes for children

When buying clothes for young kids, make sure that the clothes should be twice the size of their present weight and height. Kids grow so fast and will outgrow their clothes in a matter of weeks or months. Before you know it, they are taller than Pergola (that’s exaggeration). So when you buy them a new set of clothes, it should be one or twice larger.

Buy children clothes according to their needs. They won’t need trendy clothes at a young age. But be sure they have enough or proper clothing for summer or winter. Consider the price. If buying clothes would somehow make a hole in your wallet, consider bargain hunting. Try online shopping, too. This is convenient than going to the mall.

What are your considerations when buying clothes for your children? I’d be glad to hear from you.

Mom and Daughter Bonding

We’ll have a mother and daughter bonding this Saturday. We’re going to avail the services of a skin and body clinic using our complimentary Gift Certificates given by hubby’s former officemate. It’s going to be both fun and exciting for us. The two of us rarely go out. We usually go out with my other kid. I’m excited for my daughter because it will be her first time to undergo facial treatment. I hope she’ll have a pleasant experience with the clinic as I’d wish the same for myself.

Just a thought, if you are thinking of treating your mom or friend to a spa or skin clinic on Mother’s Day, you can send a Mother’s Day gift using GCs instead of cash.