Monthly Archives: April 2012

School supplies shopping

Might be too early for school supplies shopping, but not for moms who want to get ahead to avoid the rush. If you were one of the early shoppers, do you shop with young kids in tow? How do you stick with your school supplies shopping list when the little ones also want something else. How do you resist the request of your child who’s already embracing the cute plush stuffed animals close to her heart? You might overspend or won’t be able to complete your school supplies list. I suggest you shop alone and bring the kids on separate shopping trip.

On dressing up and accessorizing

It’s a personal decision not to wear a dress, but lately I’m thinking about trying to wear one. I saw this lady donning an amazingly fashionable short dress at the mall. She’s a little on the heavy side and probably about the same age as mine, but she can carry herself in that dress. I guess it’s really a matter of time to try out something new and feel good about the result.

Dressing up from time to time even without an occasion to attend to, is a good idea. But, dressing up doesn’t mean you have to shop for a new outfit often. Like a curt hitch to a car, you only need to have the things that you need and accessorizing can do wonders to make your look different even if you are wearing the same outfit on different occasions.

Coffin inspired

Who would have thought coffin cases refer to a guitar case? I was looking for little outfits for a doll and encounter the term while my husband’s friend who dropped by the other day requested that I searched for guitar cases on sale. He and husband were discussing about guitars. As I went on browsing, I found that Coffin Cases include a variety of products that include coffin-shaped wall hanger, body bag and shirt. What a cool way to design a product – coffin inspired! 🙂