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Byron Bay Threads: A Shopping Maven’s Haven

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say. I beg to differ, though. In my case, what will truly make me happy is a closet full of clothes and shoes.

But since I’m a busy mom who can barely make time to head off to the mall, I have turned to online shopping as an alternative. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon this online clothing store for Australian Fashion: Byron Bay Threads. Suffice it so say, I fell in love at first click!

What I like about their site is the wide array of selections they have. They have women’s, men’s, girls and boys section for clothes and other accessories from jewelry to hats. It’s one-stop shopping for the entire family. Talk about convenience!

When it comes to children’s apparel, you wouldn’t have to do any second guessing, as the categories on their website are further divided into different age groups. So you’ll get clothing suggestions for, let’s say, girls between the ages of 2 and 7.

Here are some of my choices from their online store:

I also like the idea that I can pay through PayPal. That means I can almost effortlessly shop straight from my blogging earnings.

So if I were you, don’t just sit there. Ok, you CAN sit there but as you do, head on over to the Byron Bay Threads online store and shop to your heart’s content.

Packing Up Your Snowboard Bag

Packing Up Your Snowboard Bag

Have you ever found yourself wondering what people are toting around with them inside of their snowboard bags? While these bags may look great, you may find yourself wondering just what you’d put inside of one if you were to buy it. Well, the good news is that they don’t just look great, they’re also quite practical.

Don’t Forget Your Gloves!

Snowboarding gloves are specially insulated so that you don’t get cold fingers while hitting the slopes. Today there’s a lot of companies manufacturing them. So, take some time to look around and you’ll surely find the gloves of your dreams. In fact, there are even styles just for men or women to make sure that your hands are snug and comfortable.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet!

Just as it’s important to protect your fingers from frostbite, it’s equally important to protect your head from an injury. For this reason snowboarding helmets were invented and should never be left at home. While you may think that if you haven’t gotten into an accident yet you won’t get into one any time soon, the sad reality is that you never know when an accident is going to happen to you. In the long run you’d be better off safe than sorry. Wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t Forget Your Board!

Once you have all of your gear, you shouldn’t forget your board itself. The best name brand snowboard on the market today is the Nitro board. This is because the manufacturers have built this board for you to not just snowboard with but to actually go out there and slay the slopes. It’s a light, forgiving board that really will provide you with a whole lot of power and pop behind all of the great moves that you make.

Ready, Set, Hit The Slopes

Now that you have all of your supplies, where do you put them? Inside of a bag that’s specially made for snowboarders, that’s where. This is what these bags are made for and now you know why all kinds of snowboarders are toting them around the slopes with them today.


What Online Auctions are About

Hard as I try to deny it, I just can’t. I’m hooked on online auctions. Even my closest friends are beginning to get sucked into the craze, as they keep bugging me with questions about it. I feel I may need to hire a phone answering service just to handle all their calls. So, what are online auctions all about?

Online auctions seek to connect buyers to sellers, letting them engage in a bidding process over items which are for sale. Like a moth to a flame, people are drawn to online auction sites because they get to buy items at low prices. They can even sell their old stuff for extra money.

Although online auctions are fairly safe, you should still exercise caution. Be sure to read the terms of use, so you’ll know if the seller or site is accountable for any problems which may turn up. Check for the refund policy.

When it comes to payment, it’s best to use an online payment service such as PayPal, because they offer some protection in case the seller doesn’t deliver the goods. Both the buyer and seller are protected, since both parties will have to give the payment service their own information prior to setting up their accounts.

With online auctions, you just might find that needle in the whole shopping haystack…