Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why do I suddenly want to wear a dress?

Maybe I enjoyed my ‘transformation’ look at the C-lium Lose More, Live More The Final Journey Presscon so much?

I love my outfit of the day provided by SMLadiesFashion and it looks good on me, but I want something different this time. What do you think? 🙂

From left: casual maxi dress, cocktail dress, formal gown

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My first pair of wedge sandals

I so love this wedge! It’s the first time that I bought something like this for an important event. Yes, I wore this at the C-lium Lose More, Live More the Final Journey Presscon in Makati City last Thursday. And I wore it with a nice blouse and skirt courtesy of SM Ladies Fashion.

What I also love about this wedge is that it its sole are made with rough material so it doesn’t skid even when I step on some wet flooring for basements.

There will be another occasion to attend to next month and I’ll be wearing this lovely wedge again. I can wear it with jeans or with a new dress perhaps.


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