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Invest on Biometric Safes

There are some people who do not believe in purchasing safes. They think that they can store those things in other places. The truth is there are not so many places that offer more stable protection than the safes that are currently available in the market. We all have to admit that some people need biometric safes especially if they would like to keep their valuables inside their home but still protected from people who have bad intentions.


Biometric safes are different because instead of putting the traditional code lock or the digital input code, fingerprint is needed to open the safe. This will guarantee that not just anyone will be able to open the safe. One of the advantages of this is you do not ever have to worry about losing your key and the possibility that someone else will find it. You carry your key with you wherever you go and you will never lose it. Another advantage is you do not have to constantly change your key code. One of the problems with the digital safe is it constantly needs to be reprogrammed so that nobody will be able to keep track of it and open it when you are not around.

There are times when people think that biometric safes are the safest place wherein they can store their valuable items. It may tend to come with a heavy price tag but it is guaranteed to make sure that your items will be kept safe the whole time. This does not mean though that you can just keep your safe lying around. You would still have to keep it in a safe place away from possible intruders. You just have to make sure that you will not forget where you will put it.

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My kids will love these

Do you always find yourself stuck in the middle of two bickering kids who fight over a missing earphone at home?

I always do. And it freaks me out.

So, I guess this mom needs to buy a couple of earphone holder and organizer to (hopefully) end the “earphone war” between kids.

These are available in selected National Book Store branches for P69.75 each.

Photo credit:  #NBSfinds