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Promotional Bags – Practical and Useful

All successful businesses have been using innovative ways for promoting their products or services for decades. Today there is an intense competition amongst various businesses and it is all the more important to get your brand out there, to be seen and talked by large number of prospects and customers. If you can invest some money in promotional merchandise, it can work wonders for the growth of your business and soon you will see considerable increase in our sales revenues. One of the best and most versatile products is customized bags from

The biggest reason why promotional handbags are so popular is that they can be used for different purposes. Mostly medium to large in size, they are mainly used for storing or carrying items, which makes them a very useful items around. This kind of large and portable item is best for promoting your business brand and name among thousands of prospects and customers. You can get such bags in attractive colors and designs, and each one of them has large surface area perfect for printing your promotional message.

In order to make a positive impact on your target audience, you can easily customize these promotional handbags with any design, or color you want. However, you should only use high quality bags in your marketing campaign as they will b used on regular basis by your recipients, and if they will last longer they will promote your company name and logo each time they are used. Just one time investment in these bags will continue to promote your business for years.

If you are participating in your corporate event or a trade show, it is worthwhile investing in customized eco-friendly bags or customized cotton bags for your promotional campaign. This can be a great strategy because in a trade fair lots of companies give away freebies, and if your visitors have your handbag they will use it for carrying things in it. These types of bags cost less when you order them in bulk quantities. In fact, online suppliers of such bags can also imprint them with your business name and logo as per your specifications. Interested in multicolor promotional bags? click here to see the entire range!

If you are interested in executive promotional handbags as gifts, you can also consider distributing printed golf bags. They can make a lasting impression when you gift them to your loyal customers because they serve as an incentive and encourage them to buy more of your services or products.

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If you’re not green you’re square

Today the color that everyone is thinking and seeing is green. A lot of people believe that if you aren’t a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. If you are a business who is looking to be part of the solution, you are probably looking for a way to let your customers know. Look no further than CustomEarthPromos and our printed custom bags.

Show that you care

Over the life cycle of a plastic grocery bag a lot of harm can be caused. It is estimated that U.S. shoppers use close to 100 billion plastic bags annually. The California Coastal Commission estimates that anywhere between 60 and 80 percent of ocean debris is plastic! This wreaks havoc on eco-systems and marine animals that either inhale or ingest the plastic.

And contrary to popular belief, paper bags aren’t much better for the environment. Being a material that is so difficult to make sturdy, it actually puts more carbon into the atmosphere to produce one of those “greener” choices than plastic bags! Offering your customers reusable shopping bags shows that you care about their environmental impact and our planet.


Imagine having people associate your hard earned brand with being forward thinking and eco conscious. Our printed reusable shopping bags turn your recipients into walking, living and breathing billboards for your social consciousness. Our bags are a blank slate for you to fill with your image. With numerous designs and materials to choose from, you can make sure that your bag is noticed. Click to visit the site and find out about the different custom reusable shopping bags design options.

Be memorable

Every time your precious customers reach for their reusable shopping bags, they will think of you encouraging them every step of the way to make wiser choices. Standing behind their sustainable decisions and cheering them on. They will know that they are more than just a dollar sign to you, but fellow inhabitants of this beautiful planet that we call home.

We can help you show your sincerity for the cause, and that translates into dollars and cents. Whether you are in the market for reusable water bottles or custom bags, we have everything you need. Visit the site and find out about all that we have to offer.