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OOTD: Thesis defense get-up


N chose this get up for her thesis title defense. She prefers the color blue because it’s their group motif as it coincides with their production name, La Lune (The Moon). We bought this at the department store after we had this thesis poster printed.

She can pair the blouse and the skirt separately with her other clothes. We are starting to buy one piece at a time since she will be wearing a lot of corporate attire next school year as requirement in one of her subjects.

The weave ethnic-like (or is it geometric) design of the skirt has caught my attention. I’m always fascinated with intricate design in fabric.

She used an old pair of comfy flats for the event.

Retirement gift

Hubby may have completed his 30 years in service but he has not officially retired working for the same company. Because of his experience and dedication to his job, the management has decided to keep him as a consultant. And might be given another (hopefully) permanent job by a sister company. Although it’s not a tradition to us to give a retirement gift, I’m thinking of giving my husband a simple usb where he can store all his favorite songs or movies. This way he can have access to his fave music selection or movies he can watch during his spare time at the office.

10 Summer Shopping Musts

Going somewhere this summer? Before you packed your bag with stuff make sure that you have the following essentials handy. If your are on a tight budget, you can always look for similar items from thrift shops. No need to splurge on branded items ladies!

1. Cool sunglasses


Image credit: Anankkml –

2. A new top to go with jeans

tank top purple

I found a similar item on

3. A bag to hold everything

canvass bag

4. A sexy dress you can pack up


5. A tee that goes with anything

simple white shirt

6. Shorts that aren’t cutoffs


7. A pretty sundress


8. A straw hat for shade

straw hat

Image credit: Kongsky –

9. A swimsuit that flatters


Image credit: David Castillo Dominici –

10. A lightweight shirt

lightweight shirt

If you are heading to the beach make sure to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. Enjoy the summer and be safe always!