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Fashion tips for moms on the heavy side

big woman

It is every mom’s frustration to wear stylish slim clothes if they are on the plus size part. Don’t worry, you can still look chic by knowing what to wear and what to avoid. These are some ways to look stylish while you are on the heavy side.

  • Avoid wearing baggy clothes that will make you look like much larger. Go for clothes that compliment your shape and body. As you try on dresses be sure that it fits correctly because too tight clothing will reveal your lumps.
  • Pick clothes that are simple and elegant without loud designs because it will also make you look big.
  • Highlight your assets by wearing proper clothes. For example if you want to hide your hips then choose pants that will hug it. If you have as small waist and want to flaunt it wear a belt to accentuate it on a dress but do not wear wrestling singlet.

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Online Shopping Tips for Newbies

What could be more convenient than shopping in your pajamas at any given time of the day? More and more people nowadays are going online for their shopping needs. If you’re new to online shopping, here are some points to ponder:

Make sure you are using a secure browser. This encrypts the purchase info you send on the internet. Verify a secure site by going on On Internet Explorer, look at the lower right hand corner. You’ll find a padlock icon. If it’s open, that means, the site is not secure.

Never divulge more personal information than what is needed. When creating passwords, it’s better to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols instead of your birth date, for instance.

Consider shipping costs. If it’ll cost you more than the discounted price of an item, then you’re better off not going through with the online purchase.