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Still dreaming of wearing an ecru wedding gown


Hubby and I were married in a civil ceremony 19 years ago. It was a very simple wedding officiated by a trial court judge in our city. We have our family members as our witness. We had a simple lunch at a restaurant right after the wedding. And the rest so they say is history.

Nineteen years have passed and there are times I still dream of getting married in church while wearing an ecru gown or a dress all brides would want to wear on their wedding day. Maybe hubby would want to surprise me on our 25th wedding anniversary six years from now.

In other wedding-related matter, June is a popular month to tie the knot in the Philippines and wedding stores are making a killing selling wedding gowns and wedding favors. For those in a tight budget, Divisoria is a mecca for premade wedding gowns to personalized wedding favors. If you’re from the US, you can checkout this website for Favor Warehouse has inexpensive favors to choose from. If you need anything like photo frame, tins, key chains and other items, they have everything you need.

A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive; a would-be couple would get a lot from their budget if they know where to shop for all their wedding needs.

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My outfit wishlist

Shopping for oneself is one of the least things a frugal mom can do for herself. If she had a chance to shop, it would not be for herself still, but for her loved ones especially her kids. I should know because I consider myself a frugal mom in some ways. There are instances when I’m supposed to buy an item for myself, but end up buying something for the kids instead.

I wish there is an online contest where participants are required to choose their outfit and state why they love to have those outfits in a blog post. This is something that I have been waiting for a long time – to wear a new outfit without making a hole in my pocket. But I still have to win the contest in order to enjoy the wardrobe in my wish list.

I wish there are similar contests wherein participants will have to choose wardrobe for the man of the house. I’m sure hubby will be delighted to participate the contest, too.