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What to Look For in A Custom Tailored Suit

There are different people who need their own suit. Purchasing from a retail store may be practical especially if a suit would need to be immediately worn but there are still times when how the suit would look will affect people’s approach towards life.


Those who wear custom tailored suit will have the tendency to look sleeker and more businesslike which can ultimately help them in dealing with business transactions better. If in case you would like to have your own suit too, you need to make sure that you will know the following:

There are different tailors that are available. Some can give their services for an expensive price while others are affordable. It does not mean that just because the price is expensive, the tailor is already the best. You can ask for recommendations from other people who also have their own suit made.

  • Consider the fabric.

You need to make sure that the fabric that you are going to pick out is perfect for you. Remember that anything synthetic will not last long so make sure that you will only pick the right fabric to help you have the perfect suit.

  • Have a stable body shape.

There will be moments when you will be thinner or fatter than usual. You need to make sure that your body shape before you have your suit is custom made is your usual weight so you will not have problems with wearing the suit time and time again.

With all of these details in mind, you can be sure that you will have a nice suit that you can wear often.

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Pitch Perfect

My son and I watched Pitch Perfect, a musical comedy film yesterday. I was hesitant to watch the movie at first because I thought it was just one of those musical films loaded with cute guys and gals trying to win the attention of each one. But I was wrong. While the movie is centered on winning the singing competition, it also depicts the character’s individuality and how they overcome their shortcomings to be better persons. I also love the girls’ (Barden Bellas) outfits; they are classy but not flamboyant. I thought I could be seeing a lot of musical instruments like a basswood guitar throughout the movie, but the actors are mostly singing without instrumental accompaniment. I had goose bumps and shed a tear in some parts of the movie. I loved it. It’s a feel good movie with important life lessons to learn.

Timeless Fashion Accessory

If you would like an accessory that can stand the test of time, what do you need to search for? Nothing can be as timeless as a watch. Not only is this accessory functional as this can help tell time, a watch can make any outfit pop because of its timeless elegance.


Searching for the right watch is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from. Watches may also come in various price ranges. Some can be very inexpensive and can be worn every day. Some are made with good quality and are priced just right while there are also some highly expensive watches that just deserve to be checked.

Bering Watches – The Watch Brand to Check

No need to search for various watch brands that may or may not offer the styles that you are looking for. The moment that you see Bering watches, you will know immediately that it can offer various styles that will delight you and will fit seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

The Arctic beauty of Bering watches can be very hard not to notice. You can immediately tell from the way they look and feel that these are watches that you can wear for your whole lifetime. Perhaps if you take good care of them, you may even pass them on to the next generations to come. Choose from various finishes and styles and you will surely have a timeless and classic watch on your wrist.