Yearly Archives: 2020

Samgyupsal Set: Grill Pan and Portable Gas Stove

Another small investment for the kitchen.

My DD bought this Samgyupsal set – Hanaro Grill pan and Portable Gas Stove set on sale at lazada.

She wants us to experience Samgyupsal at home since we can not go out to eat because of safety and health reasons.

Besides it’s cheaper and convenient to prepare food at home. We only have to buy samgyup ingredients and we are set.

The set includes the multi roaster and portable butane gas stove. It also comes with a free clever cutter. 

My First Cast Iron Frying Fan

I’ve been dreaming of owning a set of cast iron pans since I’ve learned about it from chefs who are using them while cooking on their YouTube channels.

Chef’s Classics Cast Iron Frypan, 20cm

Well, my DD got me one. It’s the smallest cast iron pan, I think. It’s so small, good enough to fry a sunny side up or a pancake on the photo.

This one is cheaper compared to other non-stick pans in the market. And it is compatible with our induction cooker.

I got this from Lazada for only 247 pesos plus 50 pesos shipping fee during their 11.11 sale.

I also trust the brand because I’ve got two other cooking wares from the same brand.

Cast iron cookware is considered a good investment in the kitchen because it could last for decades making it a good family heirloom.

I’m eyeing a larger pan for cooking and baking or the ribbed oval frypan. Soon?

Virtual Christmas Party

This Christmas season big gatherings remain prohibited due to Covid pandemic. If you will follow health and safety protocols, you can still enjoy the holiday season despite certain restrictions. If you have good Internet connection at home, you can organize your first virtual Christmas party and reunion via different platforms online. (Some friends on Facebook are doing this already.)

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

It would be fun to gather your friends and relatives online. The party organizer will suggest themes, what food and refreshments to prepare, outfit to wear to complete the party outfit, music, the works.  

You can even play different virtual games with your loved ones. Since it will be Christmas season, let’s not forget about gift giving. There are several gift ideas that are indeed perfect and pandemic safe for everyone. (Check my previous post about Christmas gift ideas.)

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

In all the preparation for the holidays, health experts have advised to observe minimum public health standards such as wearing of face masks, washing of hands, and observing safe physical distancing even when you are with your family members.

These practices, experts said, have been proven to decrease the number of Covid-19 infections.