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How to dress for your body type

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Wear anything that will make you happy. Cheers! Happy International Women’s Day!

Spread the Love by Reading Out Loud!

Sharing a worthwhile and inspiring activity I found through a newsletter sent by National Bookstore today. This is called Spread the Love by Reading Out Loud!

The challenge will be able to help set-up libraries throughout the country. The mechanics said that for every 75 videos posted, NBS will help set up one library in a public school. And for 7,500 videos and more, 100 public schools will get library makeovers! How amazing is that. You don’t have to spend a single centavo to purchase komplete 10 at All you have to do is read aloud and enjoy. 🙂 Click on the image to know more about the challenge. Thanks!

Toys for children survivor

It’s Christmas day in a few days, have you completed your shopping list for the holidays? If you are going to shop for toys and if you have an extra budget to buy for more kids, please include the children survivors of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). It is said that toys play a big role in the recovery of children traumatized by typhoon Yolanda. You can give different types of toys according to specific ages. Little kids will appreciate musical toys even if they are not the classic electro-harmonix amp, just the thought of giving something entertaining to them will make a big difference to these children.