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Amihan Sling by

This is my first native (rattan) sling bag aptly called Amihan Sling. I purchased this through I got interested in the bag after seeing my friend post (or share) about it on Facebook. 

What’s so interesting about this bag is that it was made (one of the many products weaved and produced) by Alangan Mangyan Tribe from Paitan in Oriental Mindoro. 

According to, they are helping the Mangyans bring their handicrafts to a wider audience. Check out their FB page here.

Back to my sling bag. I bought the large size to accommodate important things when going out. I picked the one with dark brown leather strap, which Rei (from said is free vegan leather made by the local leather artisans of Marikina. 

So, what do you think of my Amihan Sling? I’m just excited to use it soon. 

Why Leather Bracelets Make Great Gifts

When it comes to giving a gift for a special occasion, there can be no greater and thoughtful gift than Personalized leather bracelets. There are many reasons why this is so, here are just a few!

  1. Personalized bracelets offer a bit of sentimentality between the giver and receiver. There is a genuine joy when receiving this as a gift and the look on the recipient’s face can bring much joy to the giver as well. Depending on what type of personalization is made, it can be a reminder of a certain aspect or lifestyle that means a great deal to the wearer. They will cherish this gift forever, that can be assured.
  2. Leather bracelets are also quite fashionable. No matter what personalization is made, the bracelet is virtually guaranteed to be a fashion icon. The leather can be dyed literally any color that the wearer likes so it can be matched with any clothing whatsoever.
  3. Even though leather has been around for a long time, there is still something mysterious about it. There is an air of mystery about people who adorn themselves in leather which can be quite enticing.
  4. Personalized leather bracelets are very durable. Anything made from the flesh of animals is bound to last a long time. This is especially true when talking about leather and leather products. The leather bracelet is assured to last a long amount of time. This will be a gift which can even be passed down from generation to generation.

As you can see, there are many reasons why leather bracelets make a great gift. From the sheer beauty or handsomeness of them to the durability of the leather itself, there is no reason to NOT buy a leather bracelet for the loved one in your life.

Popular business ideas for 2017

The first episode of Go Negosyo Radio aired last January 6 on DZRH covered the different types of business that would be ideal to enter into this 2017. The program’s regular hosts, Sen. Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska Diego-Babadilla, were joined by guests Asec. Bles Lantayona from DTI and motivational speaker Paulo “The Entrep Champ” Tibig. The show summed up the different patok na patok businesses this 2017:

1) Basic Instinct
This category covers the businesses that cater to the most basic of filipino needs – food. From rice retailing, butcher shops, groceries and convenience stores, this category is primed for 2017 because Filipinos everywhere always seek to put food on their tables.

2) TLC (Tubig or Water Refilling, Laundry, Cleaning)
The rapidly increasing number of condominiums we see all over the metro confirms that the businesses seen under this category are also of increasing demand.

3) Vroom, Vroom, Groom
Because Filipino people will always pay to satisfy their vanity. From barbershops, beauty salons and beauty products, there is no doubt that making beauty your business will reap rewards this 2017.

4) Lifestyle/disease products and services
Health is definitely wealth under this category as more and more Filipinos adapt a health conscious lifestyle. Businesses such as health supplements, wellness/fitness programs, pre-packed nutritional meals are seen as having huge income potential this year.

5) Memories are forever
Creating golden memories that are immortalised is proving to be a business worthy venture this 2017. From photo/video services to events management, our memories-obsessed population is creating a vast need for more and more businesses to provide them with instagram-worthy content.

6) Agricoolture
In what Tibig calls the “infinity business,” agriculture-related businesses remain a relevant venture this 2017 as the market for this is never-ending and the diversity of products to sell are endless.

Source: Repost from the January 10, 2017 Newsletter of Go Negosyo;