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DIY holiday decorations

Talk about cost-effective gifts and do-it-yourself presents this holiday, here’s one project that I stumble from the Internet today. The project uses only one product that you can find at home – paper bags.

table mat

Using your basic grocery store paper bag, cut the bottom out and side to create one long piece of paper. Cut the paper into place mat shapes. Use paint to add decorative elements to the paper. (We used the end of a chopstick and gold paint to make a dotted effect!) – Photo and text from here.

I’m sharing the site here for other cool projects.

Who would have thought you can turn a lowly paper bag into something creative as table mats and many more.

I hope I can do my own DIY project using toilet paper rolls. I’ve been collecting them for more than a year now wishing that someday I could create a Christmas ornament with the help of my artistic kids. 🙂

Perennial flowers for you

Have you heard of perennial flowers or simply perennials? I think your wife or friends who love plants a lot would appreciate to have them as garden gifts from you. These flowering plants are said to survive for more than two years. When the flowers wither, only the tops die down, but their roots stay alive in a dormant state. So when spring arrives they spring back to life with a new growth and new season of flowers. I like Perennials (although I haven’t seen one yet) because they bloom over many seasons in their lifetime and they need a little care only the basics for good growth: a reasonable fertile soil, proper drainage, enough sun and water and a little attention from us. Isn’t it nice to have a garden filled with flowers all the time?

Eco-friendly drums

The news about water crisis in the future is a great cause for alarm. Experts are saying that the network of dams that secure our permanent water supply may no longer be capable to provide sufficient water supply in the future because of climate change. Each household can contribute a little help by conserving water supply. You can buy steel drums at to ensure that you are using sanitary water container. Steel drums from the said website are eco-friendly. They are made from organic materials and are reusable. A safe water supply is necessary to ensure people’s health. Clean water prevents waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever and hepatitis A.