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Basic items to build your wardrobe (for beginners)

I stumbled upon an article about power dressing and thought the list could be useful one day (especially for my daughter who will be hunting for a job a few months from now). Build your wardrobe with the following basic items: 1. Black jacket or a well-fitting blazer 2. Black pants (not pleated) 3. Black skirt (slightly…

Candy Cheat Sheet (Elise Joson) illustration

One of the last illustrations my daughter did for candymagdotcom. Thanks to her very supportive supervisor Ms. Clare Magno. N had a very productive internship with the online magazine.

5 Ways to Wear Denim Like a French Girl (Illustration for Candy Magazine)

Another illustration my daughter did for

Candy Cheat Sheet (Nadine Lustre) illustration

This is N’s second illustration (in gif format) for candymagdotcom. One proud mom here. 🙂 Thanking the awesome people of Candy Magazine for N’s fruitful internship program with them.

Easy Fashion Tips for the SAHM

I guess it’s safe to say that any mom would like to look every inch like celebrity mom Katie Holmes or the perennially posh Victoria Beckham. If you’re a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) who finds it such a herculean task to look even a tad bit fashionable, don’t fret, as there are pretty easy…

Tips on How to Choose Lingerie for a Plus Size Girl

Who says that only slim and skinny girls can wear lingerie? Women are all sexy no matter what size they are in. It is important that they get to choose the right lingerie style so that they can look great and also feel great. Why is there a need to be stressed about being thin…

What to Look For in A Custom Tailored Suit

There are different people who need their own suit. Purchasing from a retail store may be practical especially if a suit would need to be immediately worn but there are still times when how the suit would look will affect people’s approach towards life. Those who wear custom tailored suit will have the tendency to…