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Warehouse Unveils Spring Summer 2018 Collection

This Spring Summer 2018, Warehouse elevates key British summer staples with a modern twist, curating a wearable collection for the stylish woman who lives the city. Each story within the collection embodies a contemporary approach to urban summer dressing, reimagining casual fabrics, softening structured silhouettes and modernising traditional prints. City-smart tailoring is given an informal…

Candy Cheat Sheet (Elise Joson) illustration

One of the last illustrations my daughter did for candymagdotcom. Thanks to her very supportive supervisor Ms. Clare Magno. N had a very productive internship with the online magazine.

5 Ways to Wear Denim Like a French Girl (Illustration for Candy Magazine)

Another illustration my daughter did for

Candy Cheat Sheet (Nadine Lustre) illustration

This is N’s second illustration (in gif format) for candymagdotcom. One proud mom here. 🙂 Thanking the awesome people of Candy Magazine for N’s fruitful internship program with them.

Be Fashionable This Summer Using Canvas Tote Bag

Are you looking for an amazing design bag that stands out? Well, canvas tote bag provides all classic designs that are epic and outstanding. These excellent beach bags are suitable for the hot weather. They get made of organic materials and natural fiber which are recycled items.  They are affordable, so why not get a lot…

Fashion Trends for 2014

A lot of people now love fashion. Some say that it is because to become fashionable is trendy nowadays. Basically, it is about people realizing that they can express themselves better through the clothes they wear. People also know that they can look presentable based on the outfit that they are wearing. Here are just…

Fashion Trends for 2013

New Year always brings new trends to watch out for. Fashion trends for 2013 are already being shown on television and are being worn by the diehard fashionistas all over the world. Some of the well known fashion trends to watch out for are the following: Bermuda shorts – This will enable people to still…