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Save Space and Curb Appeal with a Free-Standing Hose Holder

When we mention a garden hose holder, no doubt you might be drawn to immediately imagine the classic plastic and metal wall-mount found in countless home improvement stores around the U.S. Many of these are mass-produced and manufactured quickly by the thousands across the country.

While those may certainly be convenient, many of them are the kind that either must be stationary or must be attached to the outside of your home. Let’s be honest, after all the hard work you do to maintain your lawn, gardens, the yard, and the exterior décor, planting a hose reel or holder outside probably doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Especially for those who rent or who are concerned with the curb appeal of their home, having a free-standing hose holder is a perfect solution for many of the issues that crop up with more questionably made hose holders.

What is curb appeal and why is it important?

Curb appeal is what gives homebuyers or renters their very first impression of a property before they even step inside. The aesthetics of a home’s exterior can often tell a person what they might expect to see on the inside even from the front door. At the very least, the exterior of your home can often determine whether buyers may even want to take a look inside.

And curb appeal isn’t simply for those wishing to sell or rent a home. Curb appeal can be a boon to an entire community of homeowners. Having a beautiful and well-maintained community is one of the best ways to attract new people to an HOA. Even if not part of a community or HOA, many homeowners take pride in their property, managing it well and beautifying it with gorgeous lawns, flowers, and trees.

Curb appeal is important because as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Curb appeal even has a direct effect on renters as well as residents’ morale, giving them the pride of ownership and increased property values.

What Curb Appeal and a Free-Standing Hose Holder Have in Common

All your yard, as well as siding, stucco, pathways, window treatments, anything on the exterior or visible on the exterior, contribute to a home’s curb appeal. This includes the lawn itself, any topiary, plants or potted plants, ornamental grasses, gardens, flowers, and more. Plants will need to be weeded and cared for by being watered.

Second, the asphalt on a homes or unit’s driveway, any cement paths should be clean and clear as well—which most likely means pressure washing.

For all aspects of curb appeal, you should highly consider a free-standing hose holder.

The Benefits of a Free-Standing Hose Holder

A free-standing hose holder provides a durable, reliable alternative to light-duty holders and plastic box-type holders. Additionally, a free-standing hose holder is smaller than a larger, more expensive wheeled model and much easier to carry or move, making it far more portable to and from storage or moving to get to another part of a lawn.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, whether it is an apartment, a home you are renting, a home you own, or one you are considering selling one day, you can completely avoid having to struggle with drilling potentially damaging holes into siding, brick, or stucco to attach a hose reel. There’s no need for such an attachment with a free-standing hose holder.

With a free-standing hose holder, there would be no unsightly exterior hose mounted, breaking the pleasant vista of the exterior. Not to mention, a portable garden hose reel means that a homeowner can neatly store the coils of his or her hoses, pick them up and completely store them hidden away in a garage or appropriate place. Thus, leaving the exterior décor and view of the home clear of clutter and any detracting visuals such as a loose coil of hoses or a garden hose reel should they desire.

There’s also the fact that, with the right free-standing hose holder, some of them are so thoughtfully designed as to be completely unobtrusive, meaning a homeowner or property owner could hide them easily within the natural ornamentation of a lawn, such as a bush or long decorative grasses.

Last, but never least, a free-standing garden hose reel saves space with its compact, well-engineered design as well. When you consider all the benefits and facts, you’ll no doubt see why a free-standing hose holder can save space and curb appeal and become a worthy investment for any home and property owner.

Simple Health Strategies That Can Help You Look And Feel Better

If you want to live the best life possible, it’s important to optimize your health. Doing so will empower you to feel and look your very best. In many cases, people recognize the importance of getting healthy but don’t know how to get the wellness optimization process started. You can get things going now by using some or all of the following strategies:

1. Optimize Your Home.

One simple way to become a healthier person is by optimizing your home. This strategy is helpful because visually appealing, highly functioning homes promote optimal moods, a sense of comfort, and a heightened ability to relax. There are several ways that you can get the home optimization process started, and one is by installing new carpets. You can also work on incorporating lighter colors into your living room to promote feelings of well-being and peace. To obtain a list of home improvement contractors who can provide these types of services, you can visit the Renovation Experts website at

2. Exercise.

Another great strategy you can implement to get on the road to optimal health is exercise. Most people lead sedentary lifestyles, and this reality greatly detracts from mental and physical health. Yet by working out regularly, you can start attaining a wide range of health improvements. Some of them include a faster metabolism, boosted immunity, and enhanced sleep quality. There are several forms of exercise you can engage in to reap these benefits, including running, cycling, swimming, weight-lifting, and tae-bo. You can also join the local gym to attain motivational encouragement from other exercisers, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors.

3. Meditation.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful health activity that optimizes the functioning of your mind and body. In addition to reducing blood pressure and promoting optimal memory, regular meditation can enhance the functioning of your circulatory and respiratory systems. Meditation is also a great activity for individuals who are trying to overcome a cycle of negative thinking. Some positive mantras you can repeat to yourself while meditating include “I love myself, “I am whole,” or “I am growing.”

Besides meditation, you may try psychic readings to know more about your spirituality.

Get Healthy Now

If you want to get healthy, don’t delay the process of becoming a better you. Instead, get on the road to optimized wellness now by optimizing your living space, exercising regularly, and meditating.

The Many Great Benefits of Wood Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, when made of wood, make any kitchen warm and inviting. Wood cabinets also make any part of your home look warm, inviting and attractive. They are also functional and easy to use.

There are many other benefits that come with cabinets made of wood such as blending into to almost any style of home. Woods like mahogany, cherry or ebony blend in well with a country or traditional style kitchen. This kind of cabinet is durable, strong and will last a long time. Cabinets made of wood are also sturdy and can withstand heat, steam and use. Wood can be cleaned easily, repaired, stained or painted.

Many prefer this kind of cabinet to other materials such as materials that are glued or laminated. Clearly, most people who are looking for a new home prefer wood to other kinds of materials because they give warmth that other materials cannot give. With the many styles of woods to choose from such as flat and smooth to ornately crafted wood, there is a style of wood that would please almost anyone.

Most importantly, these cabinets are safe. Cabinets made of wood do not contain chemicals that will not harm people; unlike other materials that can harm a person’s immune system. Keep in mind, too, that cabinets made of wood will never go out of style because their structure and look will always be in style. There are three popular styles of wood that many choose for their kitchen or bathroom cabinets and they are mahogany, cherry and oak. However, if you want to economize but still have style, you may want pine or birch. Other types of wood that look great in a kitchen are walnut, butternut and ebony. RTA kitchen cabinets are made of quality products and are durable and long-lasting.

Another benefit is that they need very little maintenance and are quite resilient. To keep most wood furniture clean, all you need to do is to wipe the surface of the wood with a damp cloth or wood cleaner several times a year or as needed. These cabinets will last a long time and if you want, you can change the look of it by painting, sanding or staining and by doing one of these methods; you will have a brand new look.