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Job to Cart

Narinig mo na ba ang latest trend? Imbes na damit o home decor, trabaho ang maaring i-add to cart sa Job To Cart online event!

Maraming trabaho ang naghihintay sa July 26-30, 2021. Full time? Entry-level? Overseas job? Mahahanap mo dito. 

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Upang makapag-pre-register, sundan lamang ang three easy steps.  

* I’ve got this info from the email sent to me by Jobstreet.

Being a Jill-Of-All-Trades

I guess it comes with the territory that when you become a mother, you automatically become a Jill-of-all-trade not by choice, but more so by necessity. Apart from being a 24/7 mom, a teacher, a cook and all-around househelp and a walking convenient store with stash of toys and candies and other kid-friendly stuffs to pacify, entertain or keep the little ones preoccupied, you also, sometimes, have to do work in between, just so you can help augment the family’s earnings. You either sell products, or when you have got the skill, do some Technical Writer Jobs, too. Some even had to take on a regular 9-5 job on top of their regular mothering jobs just so they can be financially capable of raising their children on their own.

Is it safe then to surmise that being a mom is actually being Wonder Woman personified? Clearly!

Your ideal job

Working in one of your favorite shops might just be the most ideal job you can ever have. Imagine breathing in the scent of those new merchandise and products. It will be totally pure bliss! Or, if you are so keen on it, you can also be either a personal shopper a-la Becky Bloomwood, or roam around the store assisting any walk-in client or prospective buyers make the biggest purchase of his life. You can help them browse through rows upon rows of your merchandise, encouraging him and guiding him to choose the best item to acquire. It is just the best job on Earth, right? Unless, of course, you’d rather opt for one of those Physician Jobs they are offering somewhere else which I doubt you do.