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Mother’s Day Gifts that Say I Love You

My family is not big on giving gifts. We love receiving one but we don’t complain if we don’t get anything on special occasions. We spend on take outs and food deliveries if there are occasions or events to celebrate.

This Mother’s Day, I’ve got two lovely gifts from my special people. Thanks my loves!

Dark chocolate from my daughter
Flowers from hubby

Fashion Tips for 40 Plus Women

One of the greatest mistakes that women make in their 40s is not rethinking their wardrobe. It is true that there are some women who are already 40 years old but do not look like a day over 30. This does not mean though that they should not dress their age. A woman who dresses her age will always look classy and elegant wherever she goes as long as she is also wearing something appropriate for the occasion she would be going to. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Rethink Your Wardrobe. Disregard items that you know you will not be able to wear anymore because they are already too short or too loud for your age.
  • Accept That Your Body Has Changed. Women who are in their 40s tend to be more curvy and would put on some weight in some places. Working out will keep your body toned but things that might have looked great on you 10 years ago might not look the same now. Accept that this happens once you age.
  • Avoid Skin Revealing Clothing. Revealing skin at this age is not appropriate anymore. Leave clothes like this to the younger generation.

Remember that acceptance is always the key to feel more confident.

Repost from my old blog.

Finding Someone Who Shares your Interests and Beliefs

As a single person, you fancy an ideal date or future partner whose qualities lie within certain features such as being tall, beautiful/handsome, attractive, and even financially stable, among others. It is easy to bump into that cute girl in the mall or even exchange a flirty chat with a man at the bar. But despite that person giving you butterflies and goosebumps all over, your biggest fear lies in whether they share the same interests and beliefs as you.

Just as easy as it is for people to fall in love, the same can be said for people falling out of love. Why? Dating someone whose interests and beliefs do not correlate with yours can put a strain on your relationship and eventually things will not work out.

Now, with the numerous dating websites and their promises of helping you to find your soulmate as soon as you become a member, it becomes a whole lot easier to find love and happiness. However, you will most probably join a dating site that is within your comfort zone. So, does this prevent you from being diverse and also make you a dull person who does not like challenges?

This does not mean that engaging in speed dating or even blind dates is a way of taking up new challenges to find a partner. Searching for love is one ongoing pursuit that almost all of us make when single. In this case, your fantasies of the person you share your intimate life with are guided by your interests and even beliefs.

Why do common interests and beliefs in dating matter?

In Science, the laws of attraction conclude that “like attract unlike”. This is not the same for the dating concept. Here we can safely say that the laws of attraction show that “like attracts like”. Even when you are a member of a dedicated social network site, you will find your suggested matches and even search for dates who have similar interests to yours.

Let’s assume you love children but your “hot” date wants nothing to do with children. What could happen in the future if you get married and want to start a family with the same person?

We love dates where we can express ourselves freely and not end up upsetting the other person or even embarrassing ourselves. In order to be happy, your interests and beliefs should be among the priorities you set before venturing into the quest of finding love.

The ideal date

Your interests are characterized by your hobbies, your priorities and even those fantasies you have over your ideal partner. Take for example, you like to practice frugal shopping. You definitely would want someone who is not a cheap buyer or a spendthrift. Finding such a person means that both of you understand each other and therefore, it becomes easier for the both of you when you go shopping in the future.

Your beliefs will lie within your religion or what you stand for. It is easier to practice Christian dating with someone who shares the same beliefs as you rather than trying to build a future with someone who fits in all your types of ideal but is not on the same page as you are.

All in all, rather than wondering if there really is someone out there for everyone, take the chance to date whenever you are ready for love. Find out your date’s likes and dislikes to help you gauge whether such a person is the one. After all, you cannot force yourself to fit in another person’s shoes.