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Where to find affordable summer clothes

My ukay finds

A friend who is a regular thrift-shop goer can attest to the affordability of summer clothes at pre-loved stores near their place. You can purchase a halter blouse and short or skirt for kids at $1 (P41) per pair. The clothes are overrun supply from local and international manufacturers. The ukay stores are open at a certain time of day.

My friend said there are varieties of clothes to choose from, one has to be patient and creative in choosing an outfit to mix and match. Ukay shops carry summer getup for both adult and kids all year round. So, now you know where to look for affordable summer clothes.

Light clothes are advisable to ward off the summer heat. I would love to see myself in a new summer dress while relaxing on rustic chair under our mango tree. Ah, summer!

Easy Fashion Tips for the SAHM

I guess it’s safe to say that any mom would like to look every inch like celebrity mom Katie Holmes or the perennially posh Victoria Beckham. If you’re a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) who finds it such a herculean task to look even a tad bit fashionable, don’t fret, as there are pretty easy ways to bring out the fashionista in you- even on a shoestring budget.

Highlight your assets. Modesty aside, each of us has our own set of assets. The key to looking good is to play these up and to take the attention away from our flaws. If you have great-looking legs, accentuate these with funky leggings. If you have been blessed with an ample bosom, wear a V-neck shirt to show off a bit of cleavage- tastefully, of course!

Keep baggy clothes at bay. Remember, sacks or tents are not flattering clothes. Wearing loose or baggy pieces do nothing to flatter your figure. Women are all about curves, so we should celebrate these. Even if you are pregnant, you should not limit your imagination to loose maternity clothes. There are lots of fashion pieces out there which aim to emphasize your body’s sexy parts like the black bodycon dress.

Keep them perky. Let us not underestimate the importance of underwear. Wearing the wrong bra will not only make you uncomfortable, but will make you look all saggy as well. If anything, ill-fitting bras will make you look older than you really are. Choose bras which provide support where you need it most.

If penny pinching is your priority, you can find affordable clothes in thrift shops or at your local department store- or wherever there’s a sale. You don’t have to get designer labels just to look good.

Guide in Buying Electronic Drums

If you have always loved playing the drums, playing this musical instrument might be something that you have always wanted to achieve. A drummer like you would love to purchase the best electric drums. You can check out to find the different types of drums available.

There are some things that you have to look for such as the following:

  • Quality
  • Brand
  • Sound

When you are checking out various electronic drums, you may consider those things first before you actually make a purchase. Check out the specifications too as well as the reviews to give you an idea about what you should get.