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Don’t You Think It Is Time For A Little Shopping?

Another season will soon be over, at least in my part of the world, and apart from packing all of the family’s summer essentials and updating the wardrobe with more weather-appropriate clothes and a pair of comfy footwear for each of the family member, not to mention scouring malls and tiangges for affordable school supplies, like books and school uniforms for the kids, I need to get some real shopping done so I can update the home and prepare it for the incoming rainy season.

It is now time to shop for some items to help give our home a much-needed oomph, especially on long, gloomy, rainy days. A touch of color here and there, in the form of drapes and throw rugs, maybe, to liven things up is definitely needed, as well as install a couple of modern lights on our room to help brighten them up on stormy nights. I will also probably add a  colorful painting in the living room and our room, too, to keep everything bright and cheery even when a bad weather looms.

Oh well, some serious shopping trips are in order; I just hope I will have enough moolah to fund them!

Light clothes for the hospital

Undies, pajamas, blouses, duster

Undies, pajamas, blouses, duster

These are some of the clothes that I bought with my daughter last night. I thought of having these few pieces prior to surgery. Some of the items are on sale. I have yet to buy toiletries and will be back at the mall for a quick shopping before the big day.



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