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How Can Moms Save Money on Cable Bills?

No matter how busy a mom gets, the TV can be a link to the outside world. Stay-at-home moms can feel isolated during the long days at home caring for children. Staying up to date with a favorite TV show or movie can be difficult for working moms who don’t want to miss out on time with their kids. Cutting the cable cord is an option for budget-friendly moms. In 2022, Zippia reports around five million U.S. households will end traditional cable services. Approximately 20 percent of U.S. households will switch to streaming services for news, entertainment, and educational programming.

(Image: Cord Cutting from Cable TV to Streaming TV Services by mikemacmarketingCC BY 2.0.)

Cord-cutting and the advent of streaming services

The development of streaming services is the latest advance in the TV and movie business. The story of the internet in the mid to late-1990s came with a move toward bringing entertainment and news online. Being able to watch your favorite TV show or movie on a tablet or mobile phone has changed the way moms consume entertainment. Streaming services allow us to choose when to watch a favorite show and where we watch it.

Cord-cutting is a term referring to canceling traditional cable and satellite services. The largest streaming platforms are relatively new. As an example, despite being founded in 1997, Netflix did not start to offer streaming services until 2007. Traditional cable and satellite services are fading away to be replaced by multiple streaming platforms offering diverse content.

How can you start streaming your favorite content for less?

Most modern TVs offer support for streaming apps to be downloaded and set up. After subscribing to the streaming service, you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Step 1 – Make Sure Your TV is Equipped

TVs with built-in technology (smart TVs) will include support for multiple apps for viewing your favorite content. If your TV does not support specific apps, you will need to buy a streaming device. Most streaming devices are small and compact, usually in stick or cube form. These plug into a USB outlet on the back of your TV.

(Image: “Amazon Fire TV Stick” by ubahnverleihCC0 1.0.)

Step 2 – Choose Your Streaming Platform

You can choose from plenty of options in streaming platforms. Different platforms focus on specific areas of interest, and all of them support various types of devices including TVs, PCs and smartphones. Moms can choose between live-streaming services and on-demand platforms or a combination of both.

Live Streaming Services

Your experience with live-streaming services will be similar to the traditional cable providers you have cut the cord from. Multiple channels are available, with different packages at a lower cost than those from traditional cable providers. Popular live-streaming options include fuboTV (great for sports), DIRECTV STREAM (mix of sports, news and entertainment), Hulu + Live TV (great for on-demand and live TV) and Sling TV (good for those who want specific channels). No contract obligations and the ability to take your subscription wherever you go make it easy for you to choose the service that suits your needs and budget.

On-Demand Platforms

These are the best-known platforms on the market. You can choose between providers, including Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount+. You can stream your favorite shows and movies when you are at home or during your commute.

Bundle Your Services

Moms understand that they need to keep everybody happy at home. Some streaming platforms offer bundles at a comparatively cheaper rate. A good example is the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle that lowers the cost for all three platforms when purchased together.

Tips for getting the most from your cord-cutting experience

Cutting the cord opens up a world of opportunities for viewing content from many regions. Once you start streaming, you will not be tied to the traditional TV and movie-watching experience. You can also choose a digital antenna to view free over-the-airwave channels. A digital antenna limits your options though, which vary across territories.

Moms can lower their entertainment costs and get more content by switching to streaming services. Your options will expand across multiple platforms and enable you to stay up-to-date with your favorite shows and movies.

Inverter Appliances

We’ve invested in some inverter appliances to conserve energy and lower our monthly expenses.

They were a bit pricey, but we are after the long-term benefits. Fortunately, we got them during a mall-wide sale (for the ref) and online sale for the three other items.

These purchases are not an overnight decision. Hubby and I have been discussing it for quite some time now. 

We bought our Samsung Digital Inverter refrigerator about five years ago to replace our two-decade old ref. 

Last December, we purchased two more inverter appliances – an electric fan and a microwave oven. Both are necessary devices at home. We regularly use the microwave oven to reheat food and sanitize food delivery. 

But what exactly inverter technology does to home appliances?

Based on the website, an inverter is a device that controls the frequency of the incoming electrical current that goes to the appliance, thus consuming less electricity. They also tend to make the appliance more durable as the motor or the compressor is used less.

The website added that inverter technology is more efficient, has a longer lifespan, and has a silent operation. While inverter appliances cost more upfront than non-inverters, the savings in electricity and a longer-lasting motor will pay you back in dividends as time goes by.

Hubby said the appliances helped reduce our electric bill by approximately P500 – P800 per month. It means we have additional funds to buy groceries, vitamins, and maintenance meds.

We also bought an automatic washing machine last month. Although it’s not the inverter type, it’s still energy efficient. We are only using it for a month, but we noticed a decrease in water consumption from 24 cubic meters (in December) to 18 cubic meters this month. We are expecting a lower water rate by the end of the month.

We replaced our 11-year-old manual washing machine, so doing laundry now is a breeze. We are keeping the old washer as it still functions. 

(Big thanks to N for her contribution to this project.)

Huion: A Good Alternative for Ipad Pro

My kids purchased Huion Display Tablets last year. They’ve been using the gadgets for online work and school, respectively.

They wish to own an Ipad Pro because it’s known for its good graphic display. However, they found an alternative in Huion Kamvas 20. It’s inexpensive but functions like an Ipad Pro.

She said Huion is affordable and can compete with other leading tablet brands, and easy to use

Kamvas 20 GS1901 Tablet

Huion Kamvas has all the necessary features and functions you need for school and work. They purchased the Huion display tablets on sale from Villman.   

If you are interested to know more about the specs of the product, you may check about it here: