Dress Story: The Long and Short of it

I’ve always wanted to wear a dress especially during those years when I’m still slimmer. I remember I purchased a black dress at Ever Gotesco in preparation for an important event. I didn’t get to wear the dress because I’m not comfortable wearing it. It’s a little stretchy but clingy and hugs the body. I end up wearing a pair of dress pants or slacks and a comfortable top to the event. I put on some custom lapel pins to accentuate my plain shirt.

If I could wear a casual dress now, I would choose any or all four dresses here. They look chic and comfortable. 🙂

Jersey Tie-Dye Maxi Dress ($24.80 at Forever 21)

Lace Insert Slip Maxi Dress (shown in nude; $21.52 at ASOS)

Beaded Swing Coverup Dress ($49 at Spiegel)

Target Button-Front Dress in Floral Print ($34.99 at Target)


5 thoughts on “Dress Story: The Long and Short of it

  1. J Allyssa

    Maxi dresses looks feminine and wearing it feels comfy. Plus it’s perfect for summer pa! :)For me it’s a no-no to go to parties wearing body-hugging dress lalo na pag I’m sure na I’ll be eating a lot. Lol 🙂

    1. Mami Yami Post author

      @Dothy, ako din I used to wear jeans and shirts. Pag-jumajaba pala, nagbabago taste sa damit. 😀


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