Garage Sale Sundays

This is the first time that I will be posting about a garage sale on this blog. The newsletter I’m subscribed to sent this.

The Garage Sale is held every Sunday beginning June 5 until June 26 at Timog Triangle GMA Network Drive corner Samar St., Timog Drive, Quezon City.

According to the announcement, the items for sale are still usable goods and stock, art, apparel, accessories, books, magazines, collectibles, toys, kids and teen items, furniture, pets, plants, vehicles, equipment and appliances, more other items. You can check if they also sell ncstar (if you’re looking for binoculars).

The announcement said the entrance is free, there’s lot of parking space and planned activities such as Tai-chi, Rock Balancing, Sculpture Installations, Demonstrations and Free Try-outs.

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