Practical tips on buying a used laptop

Laptops are usually the better option for most students, businessmen, and bloggers as these are easy to carry around wherever they go. Admittedly, though, a new laptop carries with it a hefty price tag, compared to your regular desktop. Consider buying a used laptop, as this could save you money, without scrimping on quality.

Our second hand laptop

When buying a used laptop, check out the best computers which came out last year. These ones more or less have the same features as the laptops which have just recently been released in the market.

Check if the screen has any purple or pink discolorations, as the laptop screen is the most expensive thing to replace. Test the hard drive for errors, and see if the battery life is still good.

A Dog-lover out and Shopping

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Of course if you are a dog-lover down pat, a trip to the mall with your beloved pet in tow would be the most rewarding experience. Imagine browsing the racks and rows and windows of your favorite shops and boutiques while giving your dog a walk for a breath of fresh air, talk about hitting two birds with one stone, right? Just make sure to put him on a leash for his own safety or bring along his doggie bag for when he is tired to walk and would love to be carried instead. Bring some doggie treats and snacks and water, too. Also, make sure he does not wander off too far, you would not want him getting mange from unkempt dogs on the streets, right?

Amihan Sling by

This is my first native (rattan) sling bag aptly called Amihan Sling. I purchased this through I got interested in the bag after seeing my friend post (or share) about it on Facebook. 

What’s so interesting about this bag is that it was made (one of the many products weaved and produced) by Alangan Mangyan Tribe from Paitan in Oriental Mindoro. 

According to, they are helping the Mangyans bring their handicrafts to a wider audience. Check out their FB page here.

Back to my sling bag. I bought the large size to accommodate important things when going out. I picked the one with dark brown leather strap, which Rei (from said is free vegan leather made by the local leather artisans of Marikina. 

So, what do you think of my Amihan Sling? I’m just excited to use it soon.