Where to find affordable summer clothes

A friend who is a regular thrift-shop goer can attest to the affordability of summer clothes at pre-loved stores near their place. You can purchase a halter blouse and short or skirt for kids at $1 (P41) per pair. The clothes are overrun supply from local and international manufacturers. The ukay stores are open at […]

10 Summer Shopping Musts

Going somewhere this summer? Before you packed your bag with stuff make sure that you have the following essentials handy. If your are on a tight budget, you can always look for similar items from thrift shops. No need to splurge on branded items ladies! 1. Cool sunglasses 2. A new top to go with jeans 3. […]

5 Cart Accessories Your Golf Buddies Want

Many golf carts are virtually indistinguishable from others and are outfitted with the same basic components. All of these vehicles have an identical purpose – to haul you and the clubs to each hole. However, golf carts can be easily accessorized with a variety of goodies that your buddies will drool over. Enclosures Golf carts […]