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Personal effects from Zalora

I purchased a few items from Zalora using gift vouchers that I received from a writing gig a few months back. It’s only now that I was able to post the pictures.


These are the items that I got from shopping online. The floral blouse is a little bit small but I didn’t bother to have it replaced. I might just have it repaired.

owl shirt


If you are one busy mom and no one to take care of your little ones at home but you, then you may try online shopping for convenience. I’ve made my first online purchase this year and I should say I’m contented with the things I bought. 🙂

Virtual shopping

I purchased these shirts and blouses from an online store last month. I was supposed to buy a birthday gift for hubby, but shopped for the whole family instead. I spent a total of $40 for all these items. I’m just thankful that an angel friend shared her blessings to us through her contact DAs. I wish there will be more generous advertisers to come our way. I don’t mind promoting gateway computers links on my site as long as they help potential clients get the latest gadget in town at affordable price.