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Dress Story: The Long and Short of it

I’ve always wanted to wear a dress especially during those years when I’m still slimmer. I remember I purchased a black dress at Ever Gotesco in preparation for an important event. I didn’t get to wear the dress because I’m not comfortable wearing it. It’s a little stretchy but clingy and hugs the body. I end up wearing a pair of dress pants or slacks and a comfortable top to the event. I put on some custom lapel pins to accentuate my plain shirt.

If I could wear a casual dress now, I would choose any or all four dresses here. They look chic and comfortable. 🙂

Jersey Tie-Dye Maxi Dress ($24.80 at Forever 21)

Lace Insert Slip Maxi Dress (shown in nude; $21.52 at ASOS)

Beaded Swing Coverup Dress ($49 at Spiegel)

Target Button-Front Dress in Floral Print ($34.99 at Target)


Girls Talk: Comfortable summer outfit

Summer or not, my favorite outfit at home would be shorts and tattered shirts. Well, the ones you’re seeing here, I wear them at home.  For me, white shirts are more comfortable and don’t absorb much heat as colored shirts do. And shorts, even if I don’t have the right to flaunt my legs, I still wear them for comfort. Besides, hubby and the kids are used to seeing me wearing shorts despite the unsightly size and shape of my legs. LOL

Swimming somewhere in Laguna during the kids’ educational fieldtrip.

Second and last picture taken at Water Fun in Fairview.

I wish we can go swimming again this summer.