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OOTD: Thesis defense get-up


N chose this get up for her thesis title defense. She prefers the color blue because it’s their group motif as it coincides with their production name, La Lune (The Moon). We bought this at the department store after we had this thesis poster printed.

She can pair the blouse and the skirt separately with her other clothes. We are starting to buy one piece at a time since she will be wearing a lot of corporate attire next school year as requirement in one of her subjects.

The weave ethnic-like (or is it geometric) design of the skirt has caught my attention. I’m always fascinated with intricate design in fabric.

She used an old pair of comfy flats for the event.

Comfy travel flats

Happy Feet travel flats

Happy Feet travel flats

My daughter and I got a pair of Happy feet travel flats two weeks ago. We purchased these comfy shoes using gift certificates. These pairs of shoes alone cost P3,598 if purchased in cash. Good thing we have GCs on hand. Dad and Kyle got their own pair of  cool shoes, too. Will post the pictures next time. 🙂