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Summer ensemble

I would love to drop everything for a while and hit the beach this summer for a relaxing swim or promenade along the beach wearing this lovely sandals I saw online. Isn’t it cute?

And to complete the summer ensemble, I should wear this sexy summer dress that camouflage my bulging tummy.

There are dresses that covers the bulges in the body and make any wearer appears slimmer without resorting to diet pills. If that’s the case, then this lovely flowing summer dress is the right one for me. Don’t you agree?

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A dress for the young lady

Naomi's dress

What I can’t wear, my daughter can wear better. We bought this chic dress about two weeks ago for a freshmen gathering. She loves this dress so much that she wants to buy another one with the same style. I told her to save her allowance so she can buy another one like this. It’s a bit pricey but the fabric and style is worth the price.


Where to buy discounted graduation dress

It’s graduation season. Parents whose kids belong to the graduating class are all smiles these days. They are excited and proud of their children’s achievement. And as graduation day draws near, moms and daughters are frantically searching for the perfect outfit to wear to the occasion.

Like what I wrote about prom dresses, it’s practical to invest on a dress that can be worn to another occasion and not just during graduation day.

If you are looking for discounted graduation dresses, you can check out thrift shops or ukay-ukay outlet. A television program featured an ukay-ukay store and the host was able to come up with a complete set of dress and shoes for less than P500. There are actually brand new dress that you can find at thrift stores, just be patient to search and learn to mix and match to achieve your desired outfit.

Image credit: www.danviews.com/cheap-graduation-dresses-2011-for-college