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Misaligned Eyes

It’s not uncommon for adults to suffer from strabismus; for some adults it begins during childhood, while other adults develop it well into their adulthood. Strabismus is a condition where the sufferer’s eyes are misaligned, which can sometimes cause debilitating double vision. While strabismus itself isn’t dangerous, because of the double vision, the effects of it can put you in unsafe situations. Luckily, there are various treatment options available to adults that suffer from strabismus.

In adults, as well as children, strabismus affects many aspects of daily life. Because of the severity of the double vision associated with strabismus, depth perception is often compromised. This means that adults with strabismus usually can’t drive or work, which can lead to lonesomeness, anti-social characteristics and mental issues. Not only can surgery help to fix the condition itself, but it generally has a positive impact on these social difficulties as well.

While it may seem unnecessary, strabismus adults often opt for surgery to fix their condition. Not only is surgery performed in these situations for cosmetic reasons, but also out of medical necessity. Since the surgery is medically substantive, some insurance providers will cover the costs. If you decide not to have surgery there are options that can help improve your symptoms. Sometimes all it takes is either glasses or contacts to notice progress, but generally adults need surgery to be fully functional and able to feel comfortable in today’s society. Doctors can tailor the surgery to fit your specific needs, therefore, you won’t have to endure a more invasive surgery than necessary.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from strabismus it should be taken seriously and treated the way you’d treat any other medical diagnosis. Just because it may seem like treatment only fixes the cosmetic problems that accompany strabismus that’s not at all true. The effects of strabismus can be detrimental to both mental and physical health. If you value your quality of life and have strabismus, you owe it to yourself to look into the many ways that surgery can benefit you.

Strabismus-Causes and Treatment

Strabismus is an eye problem where 6 muscles around the eyes cannot work in a proper way in conjugation with each other. This means that both eyes of a child or an adult cannot look at any object at the same time. Some people refer to this eye condition as “cross eyes’, because one eye looks in a totally different direction than the other. This eye condition may result in the formation of two entirely different images, which may confuse the brain and it may start ignoring one of the images as it may believe it is incorrect. They eye that brain thinks is transmitting incorrect image may suffer from an eye condition called “lazy eye (amblyopia).

Strabismus is mostly seen in kids, and past studies have shown that more than 64 percent cases are in infants shortly after birth and they can be easily sported. Number of health conditions are associated with strabismus, including serious brain injury, diabetes, and cerebral palsy. In cases any family has some history of strabismus, then there are chances that kids born in this family may suffer from this condition. Also, it is possible that one who is suffering from strabismus may also suffer from other eye problems such as loss of some vision, or double vision.

Strabismus symptoms may appear or disappear with time, and most prominent during ill health or any other sickness. Once you are diagnosed with this condition, you should go for detailed examination of your eyes to ascertain which of your eyes is misaligned. In this examination, both your eyes will be tested for acuity and light reflex. Standard ophthalmic examination will also be carried out before any treatment is recommended. In mild cases, spectacles may be recommended and doctor may also suggest placement of patch over lazy eye. This forces the weak eye to increase its performance by working harder. If non-surgical treatment is not successful then eye surgeon may opt for best strabismus surgery in children and adults. It may or may not improve sight problem, but it will definitely make both eyes move in unison.

When surgery is combined with spectacles, you can get good results within a short time, particularly when this treatment is performed at a young age. It is also possible to strengthen eye muscles using series of eye exercises, but one can get best results only through strabismus surgery. If this eye condition is allowed to linger for long, there can be substantial loss of vision. Therefore, if you or your child is suffering from this condition, you should go for an early diagnosis and treatment.