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Romantic gift idea

Besides an expensive perfume, a pair of branded shoes, or wrist watch for your significant one, you can also save enough money to buy him a musical instrument like paul jr (electric guitar) as Valentine’s Day gift. Your better half who is a guitar player would definitely appreciate it. To his delight, he might compose or play a romantic melody for you.

Christmas gift list

For generous friends who are making their Christmas list this early and thinking of giving away musical instruments as gifts, you may try to visit some musical instruments shop online. Check on the ones that sell near your area to save on exorbitant shipping fee. Also, grab the opportunity to buy the ones that are on sale. Be practical and wise when you shop online.

Where to buy cymbals


I bought my son a bell lyre four years ago. A neighbor is interested to purchase it and asked if I know someone who is selling second-hand cymbals. I suggested that she checked out some stores in Raon, Quiapo since they sell musical instrument at affordable price. However, if she wants an imported and original version, she can check out this website because wwbw carries zildjian cymbals.