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Practical shoppers

There are more practical shoppers nowadays. Instead of buying brand new appliance or electronic gadgets, the practical shoppers would look for second-hand or rarely used items. The wise shoppers check out for credible stores namely, Goedekers and seek out reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers. If Goedekers sounds familiar to you, it’s because they’ve been around for more than 60 years selling branded kitchen appliances, laundry machines to mattresses. Check out their website goedekers.com to know more about their services and discounts on selected items.

Bag purchase online

This is a  late post about my new bag. I got this nice bag from the online shop of my Marce Jade. My husband was as excited as me when we received the package from the delivery man. Hubby was the one who opened it and discovered that the bag came with a token from Mareng Jade.  I love the bag and so is the gift from her. So thoughtful. Thanks mare. 🙂

My ecobags are temporarily retiring for now.  🙂