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Fashion tips for moms on the heavy side

big woman

It is every mom’s frustration to wear stylish slim clothes if they are on the plus size part. Don’t worry, you can still look chic by knowing what to wear and what to avoid. These are some ways to look stylish while you are on the heavy side.

  • Avoid wearing baggy clothes that will make you look like much larger. Go for clothes that compliment your shape and body. As you try on dresses be sure that it fits correctly because too tight clothing will reveal your lumps.
  • Pick clothes that are simple and elegant without loud designs because it will also make you look big.
  • Highlight your assets by wearing proper clothes. For example if you want to hide your hips then choose pants that will hug it. If you have as small waist and want to flaunt it wear a belt to accentuate it on a dress but do not wear wrestling singlet.

Image credit: Witthaya Phonsawat – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

What is the most awaited school activity that many girls in high school rave about?

Answer: Prom night.

This is their night, their moment to shine. They walk through the ballroom wearing their best dress or gown.

Even girls who are not gifted with slim body can be at their best wearing plus size cocktail dresses. There are now shops that cater to girls on the heavy side. They offer short but sweet cocktail dresses for plus size women. And don’t worry if you are on a shoestring budget they have selection of prom dress sale.

On your prom night, you can choose whatever look that you want to project. You can add flashy accessories if you want a glam look. Or look  simple yet elegant with a simple set of jewelry.

Always remember to choose the dress that fits and flatten your curves.