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Basic items to build your wardrobe (for beginners)

I stumbled upon an article about power dressing and thought the list could be useful one day (especially for my daughter who will be hunting for a job a few months from now).

Build your wardrobe with the following basic items:

1. Black jacket or a well-fitting blazer

2. Black pants (not pleated)

3. Black skirt (slightly above or grazing the knee)

4. Inner tops (white/khaki/gray/light blue shirt that can be worn with pants or skirt). You can also invest on some tank tops, knit tops, striped baby t-shirts

5. Accessories  ( beads, dainty chokers, silver jewelry, pearls)

6. Black heeled loafers

7. Black boxy nylon bag (not to0 big but just roomy enough to store your essentials)

8. Makeup or Kikay kit (may contain eyebrow pencil, nude or brown lipstick, eye curler and mascara, face powder)

Buy the items that you need on a buy-when-can-afford basis. They need not be expensive. You can always look for cheaper but quality pieces in local shops.

Photos are all mine and have been published on this blog.


Power Dressing on a Budget is Possible

As a new employee, you could desire to dress well and impress your bosses for future job promotions. You do not have to wear expensive clothes with a big label but what matters is having a good sense of style. Knowing what cloth can go with another is something that you must be good at in order to dress well. Planning your budget in time will ensure that you avoid impulse shopping and that you only buy what you need at an affordable price. Knowing where to find cute charms and other cost-effective accessories is also advisable. Power dressing in the early years symbolized colorful shoulders that were very masculine and also massive. You can dress a little more formal and simple while still looking professional.