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Divi dream

Going back to Divi remains an elusive dream for me. Hubby and I have been planning to visit Divi this week to buy our children’s school supplies. But some unforeseen events prevent us from doing so.

Divi or Divisoria is your one-stop shop for quality but inexpensive items for your school shopping needs.
Customers can buy per piece or by bulk depending on the requirement. But it’s still practical cost-wise to buy an item by the dozen. You can conveniently stack the items at home and saves you time from frequent visit at the store. There are a lot of notebooks, pen, pencil, colors and papers with cute designs to choose from. Check out their ready-made uniforms, school bags and shoes.

We’re only two weeks away from the opening of classes, so it’s best to do your shopping ahead of time to avoid the rush.

Fun School Items

My two young nephews are ready for school. Seppy will be in Grade 1, while Igo will attend pre-school. Both are taking summer classes to prepare them for the coming school year. I think Seppy needs to practice to read and write well.

If my sister’s plan pushes through, she will take a short vacation this summer to enroll her three kids. She will personally buy school supplies for her daughter who will be in 4th grade and her two young boys. She might look for personalized backpacks for the boys. I’m sure they will love a new bag with their names embossed on it. She can choose between personalized backpacks and inexpensive backpacks with uber cute designs.