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Shop To De-stress

There is really nothing women loved more than shopping and, although a lot can be said about going to the malls during weekends, like how it is crowded and noisy that it becomes another stressful activity instead of something to make you relax, I’d still go anyway and bash those myths clad in my most comfy pair of flats, with my eco-bag, in tow, and my aviator shades, to boot!


Shopping, and window shopping, too, has been one effective way for me to relieve stress and get ready for the grind of another week at work at the home front. Being surrounded by all the lovely outfits and dresses, even when I won’t end up buying a whole lot of them, is just pure bliss. Browsing through racks upon racks of displays, may that be of expensive jewelries, seem to have found an effective way to calm my nerves and relax my tired muscles.

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Frugal Shopping Tips

A lot of people now would want to save more than what they actually save every month. It is okay to purchase wants when people can afford them but if you cannot, there are certain things that you can do in order to still purchase things and at the same time, save more. Here are just some of the tips you can remember to save your silver dimes:

  • Clothes do not need to be brand new in order to look good on you. You can always save more money if you would purchase clothes that you will only use once or twice from a thrift store. Having the pieces of clothing altered will cost less than buying something brand new.
  • Use coupons. There are coupons that are being printed out in newspapers and there are also sites that offer coupons to be printed out and used the next time you do some food shopping.
  • Learn how to swap some expensive items for more affordable ones. There are always different options that you can follow.

With the tips mentioned above, it is likely that you will be able to save more and at the same time, not feel that you are guilty spending beyond your means.

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Green girl studios

All those girlie and colorful stuffs for girls are enough to make guys go green girl studios and shops mushroomed in the malls overnight that you end up with a whole lot of places to go for a wide array of choices for the girls and a not much exciting options for the guys. They would probably ask why girls get to have all the fun. Well, I don’t think it would hurt them much as they do not nearly frequent the malls and shops as much as we do, right? Plus they almost always find shopping so appealing. What they do is walk in on the shops, choose from the display and fit them, decide which ones to buy, which almost always is the first one they set their eyes onto, and go! They’re gone from the shop after 10 minutes of walking in so they won’t really appreciate and maximize all the amenities that are very appealing to girls.